Cathedrals, Tapas, and Flamenco in Spain (Part 2: Granada and Seville)

Spain, continued ūüôā


Granada is a one of the most beautiful cities we visited. From the Alhambra to El Albayz√≠n, and everywhere in between, so much of Granada’s vibrant culture was prevalent. The Alhambra and the Palacio de Generalife are absolute must-sees if you travel to Andaluc√≠a, the¬†region in the south of Spain that includes cities like Granada, Seville, and Malaga. The all-in-one fortress, palace, and city was built in the¬†13th century¬†with many add-ons from several rulers over the years after. We were most interested in the Alhambra/Palacio de Generalife (both are on the same premises) because it has both beautiful Islamic and Christian architecture. Also, the Alhambra¬†is where¬†Christopher Columbus received¬†approval for his expedition to the New World.

El Albayz√≠n is a UNESCO World Heritage sight (just like the Alhambra!)¬†for a good reason… walking through the narrow and windy streets made us feel like we were walking through a different century. Apart from things like semi-modern restaurants in¬†El Albayz√≠n, the area still seems like it’s been untouched for centuries.¬†We loved getting lost while¬†going up and down the hilly¬†streets. We would go back in a heartbeat… the ambiance is just not¬†like any other city we’ve ever been to.

This was the beautiful view we had on our very steep walk up to the Alhambra. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

So. Much. Detail.

Granada has a great mix of Moroccan, Arab, and Spanish culture. Here we are enjoying one of the most delicious meals of our lives (seriously) at a Moroccan restaurant called Restaurante Arrayanes:

People gathered in a busy area of the city¬†to watch the Christmas lights turn on. It was a big event! And do you see those chestnuts roasting over an open fire to the left there? They are Deena’s favorite thing and we snacked on them every day.

There are a ton of interesting little shops in El Albayzín:

The Darro River flowing through the city:

One of the many old Arab baths in Granada:

The gorgeous Catedral de Granada:


Seville is¬†the city where flamenco dancing originated, so we (mostly Deena) were really looking forward to seeing a show while there. We went to La Casa del Flamenco and¬†found everything – the dancing, the guitarist, the singer’s voice and his clapping – all to be so¬†beautiful and intense. Even Cody was¬†blown away!

The decorated streets of Seville for Christmas:

We stumbled into this place where they had the biggest nativity scene in Seville on display. Here is just one section of the different scenes:

Plaza de Espa√Īa (a part of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones was filmed here! Plaza de Espa√Īa =¬†Planet Naboo):

The beautiful Maria Luisa Park next to Plaza de Espa√Īa:

Massive trees throughout the entire park!

Cathedral of Saint Mary in Seville is the largest gothic-style cathedral in the world and third largest church in the world:

Christopher Columbus’ tomb is¬†here!

On to the most important subject… food. Bu√Īuelos¬†are delicious and found everywhere in Seville. They are basically mini donuts drizzled with something fabulous, like vanilla or chocolate. These were Cody’s fave:

And more freshly roasted chestnuts… Deena’s fave:

Somehow, someway, and maybe even with a little magic, Deena was able to convince Cody to go to a vegetarian restaurant. Just look at those pretty veggies!

We saw these orange trees all over the city… They are way too bitter to eat, but don’t they look beautiful?

And almost every night ends with gelato of course!


Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

With lots of love,

Deena & Cody

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    BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for sharing your adventure. You guys are amazing xoxoxox
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    Awesome!! Love the beautiful pictures!! But the people in them are way more beautiful! :)))))

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