The French Riviera and the Best Thai Food

The French Riviera is a gorgeous place… no wonder why the rich and the famous vacation here! We spent one week in Marseille and Nice (and a very short stop in Cannes). Our trip was filled with a lot of good food and wine, cold, rain, and Christmas markets! We’ve been waiting for these Christmas markets since before leaving for our trip. The markets are filled with magical little stands that look like open sheds decorated with lights and Christmas decor. They sell things like tiny figurines (i.e. Jesus’, Marys, Josephs, animals), soaps, sangria, mulled wine, hot chocolate, and lots of treats.

Marseille was very interesting – since it’s a port city, it’s a melting pot mixed with people from France, Africa, Arab countries, and more. The city is also considered to be France’s crime capital. We were a little nervous at first not knowing what to expect, but we found that our time there was really enjoyable and it was just like being in any other big city. We never felt unsafe and the people were very warm and welcoming.

After Marseille, we headed to beautiful Nice. It was cold and it rained hard while we were there, BUT we had the best Thai food we’ve ever had so it was fine. The restaurant is called Le Banthai in Old Town and if you’re ever in Nice, you should go. The owner is originally from France, but he moved to Thailand for years and brought amazing recipes back with him. The curry was amazingggg. Also, if you’ve never been to Nice, we recommend staying in Old Town. People say the area is like a honeycomb because there are a ton of small narrow paths to walk on with cafés, churches, shops, and bars around every corner.

We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Marseille, France:

Christmas market:

Chocolate beignet from the Christmas market… delicious!

A lot of the main cities in Europe are very busy during this time of year because people are out enjoying holiday events/activities and shopping. Below is a picture of Marseille, but it’s like this everywhere!

Enjoying a walk around the city <3

Listening to some live music and enjoying a few snacks and drinks:

Coffee break selfie 😉

Notre-Dame de la Garde at the top of the mountain:

At the end of our very steep hike to the church:

Notre-Dame de la Garde:

Pretty impressive view from the church! The Chateau d’If, Count of Monte Cristo island prison, is the small island between the two bigger ones:

Nice, France:

Beautifully decorated city lights everywhere:

Farmers’ market:

Treat. Yo. Self.

Some of the stairs (there were a lot!) at Castle Hill, a beautiful historical area where a castle was destroyed. It’s great to see some of the remains still there, but most people go for the lookouts:

With lots of love,

Deena & Cody

P.S. Stay tuned for Spain and Portugal posts!

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    Love these pictures!! You guys look like you are having so much fun!!!! And I looked up that Thai restaurant – YUM!!!!! 🙂
    Love you guys xoxo

    1. Thanks, V!!! Love you too 🙂

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